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F.D.A. Approval


     hi-tech manufacturing

    Manufactured   at  Hi-Tech  facilities, under meticulous adherence to established  Good  Manufacturing  Practices (GMP), EVE'S ring are made of  Medical Grade Silicone Elastomer.

    The manufacturing is conducted  under  a   comprehensive System of SOPs  so designed, documented, implemented & controlled by competent  personnel, with state-of-the-art equipment, and all other requisite resources.

    The packaging operations are performed under Class 10 work stations in Clean Rooms.

   quality assurence


           The  quality,  safety   and effectiveness  have  been designed and built into the  product  and  its  manufacturing    process.        The manufacturing process is aided   by Lot  QC checks, in-process Quality Checks  and  a  series  of    Quality Control Tests for every batch. Each EVE’S Ring manufactured by us is a reflection of our commitment to quality.

        FDA Approval      

     The Manufacturing  Facilities  and  Quality   Control  Laboratory  are approved  &  licensed  for   Manufacture  & Sale by  The  Drug  Control Organisation, India.